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Why to travel in group?

  • Whenever the plan of travelling or outing comes in mind, the thing which strikes first in mind is friends. The real charm of travelling or wandering is only with friends. Travelling in group is always remains very much interesting for me because in group I always experience various new things and I always learns different and various new things from friends.
  • Till today I had done many solo trips but I always felt that some joy is missing. I usually prefer to travel in group because each and every person have different perspective of travelling in mind and when these all perspectives meets on one place, it gives the packaged experience which really remains unforgettable for anyone. And during the travelling in group, the thing which I likes the most is ‘Sharing of experiences of past trip’. By these experiences we can plan my other trips with so much ease. The group of travelers is like a family which creates unforgettable memories for a lifetime.
  • Sometimes we fear to go at challenging place but the motivation and support which we get from group is always helpful and it is the reason why I loves to travel in group. And one more very much important thing about traveling in group is support, If sometimes on some place we stuck in worst situation at that time group can only the support for each other.
  • Holidaying with a group can help in reducing travel expenses since everyone will be sharing the costs of accommodation, transportation, food, and even tour tickets. It also allows you to take advantage of the group rates and discounts that most motels, resorts, and airline companies offer.
  • At the end of the day, group travel is there to make your holiday seamless and effortless. Add to that a truly valuable experience with a heap of inclusions that means more money in your pocket for food, shopping, or cool experiences.

Acceptance and Preparedness

This both words exists everywhere, everyday and everything. Like Happines and sadness this both words are bonded with each other as per my perspective. If we understand​ and adopt both the things together then life would be so simple. Here I’ll like to take simple example from current issues. Example is ” Currently summer is running and everywhere we hearing statment like that , Today is to much heat and don’t know how much it would increase and all blah blah’ . This summer and hot weather are natural things which would happen as per the nature so we have to accept that thing beacuse it is gods rules and in this situation what we can do is ‘ Acceptance’ by accepting all the current situation. And this Acceptance depends on the prepardness like before starting every summer we all know that day by day heat or temperature would increase so we have to stay prepared for it and in last we have to accept it. And if we would not accept it than, always we will shout regarding heat with each everyone to give sympathy ourselves. This is how both the things bonded with each other. Here i choosed took so much simple example for better understanding. In our day to day life and relationships , this both  things also exsitits

In many cases ,we are doing such work and its end result is defined or predicted so we have to be prepared for the results and when the really results arrives at that time we have to accept it whatever it is. If we will miss one thing than defenietly troubles will take place. And if at the end, whats the result that we have to accept otherwise only demolition of mindset would happen.  And in life Acceptance of various things is only we have so always stay prepared and accept everything.

Here I’m not joining this both topics with sensetive parts of our life but after reading this you’ll definitely get more idea about lot many  things.



What is Perspective? 

If i talk about perspective then it is ‘ The way of thinking ‘ . There is each and every thing , thought , decesion , vision etc. Have always two perspective. Perspective varies from  person by person but it is also catagorized several parts . Pepole who’s mind always thinks  possetive so there perspective would be possetive and innovative too.  and who’s negative thoughts more powerful so there perspective would be obviously negative. And one more thing perspective can change persons vision also. Here i like to share one example which will give better understanding.  ” Usually we’re saying that salt is less in vegetable, Rice etc. to person who had made something for you. Due to that sentence may or may not that persons feels bad . Rather saying this sentence if we tell like that ‘ My habit of taking salt is little higher so please provide me more salt'” . This is one kind of perspective which we  can be adopt in day to day life. Perspective will help you in understanding all the situation more precisely. Always try to find possetive or beneficial perspective in every thing , thought etc. Perspective is highly helpful for decesions making process. When our perspective would be defined so we could take better decesions.




​What is the definition of learning in two word – ‘ Endless process ‘ . It starts on first day of  life and ends on the death. When baby borns , he/she have to learn how to cry and at the older age , when he/she dies at that time how to accept the death. So journey of learning is too much long. Learning can be done at anytime,anyplace and from anyone so always we have to keep ourselves prepared for learning. As a example, 5 year old small kid can also learn you something which you even don’t knows. Learning attitude will help us in each and every stage of life. Always do one thing,’where we go,whom we meet’  ,always find that What i can learn at that moment from that place or person.Each and every minute will learn us something new.

One thing which i’ll like to mention regarding our ‘EGO’. This three character word can change everything.I had seen many persons,During learning process EGO comes in the picture and became obstracle.  So During learning always keep your EGO aside and try to learn more and more.Learning process is like companion in life if we would learn more & more than we’ll gain more too. In result whatever it may be. Learning can change the perspective of person and provides new ways.  There is no person in this world who is 100% , so never think that i learned everything and no need of learn anything. And if this thought will play more and more in our mind then learning process could be stoped.


My thought Stories

What is Art or Hobby?

  •  It is the thing which can be your lifeline on each and every stage of  life , just you have to be dedicated for it. Art or hobby can take you out from any anxiety and can give you one ray of hope by which you can get another chance to live your life more better and it’ll also help in forgetting all the things which has put you in mode of pain. It can also help you in taking any decesion and help you to being independent.
  • Art ot hobby can also take you out from lonliness and will give opportunity to interact with world. I have seen many persons who was so much introvert in there life but when they found hobby in life and drastic change came in their life and now they’re pursuing there hobby with so much passion. 

In last I’ll like to tell that wakeup your inner artist and find some art or hobby in your life.